You Focus On Fitness We Focus On Clean

 The best fitness facilities look clean and smell great, creating an inviting experience for both new and existing members. Let your guests spend time focusing on their health, rather than being concerned if the environment around them is clean. You can count on CC Clean to create the clean, fresh-smelling, healthy and welcoming environment you’re looking for 


Eliminate Contaminated Surfaces


Disinfectant wipes and sprays are often used on treadmills and cardio machines,  while other high-touch items like dumbbells, free weights and balls used in close contact sports are often neglected. Since MRSA and many other infectious organisms can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces, CC Cleaning will properly clean and disinfect these hotspots including surfaces, floors, restrooms and locker rooms.    


Keep Safe


Prevent cold, flu and illnesses from spreading to staff members and gym-goers with a professional and reliable CC Clean focused on floors, equipment and other high-touch areas in your fitness space.